Case Study #1  Municipal Water to a Private Residence


A 2700 square foot private home built in 1975 in Palm Beach County Florida. It has a three-quarter inch copper main from the street and copper piping throughout the home. Since the home contained three bedrooms, three baths and had only two adults living there full-time, a standard house NANO PURE water purification system was used that consisted of Stage 1: a 5 micron sediment filter, Stage 2: KDF – 85 active coconut carbon filter and Stage 3: NANO PURE silverized carbon media for final polishing (1 Liter). The NANO PURE system was installed by a licensed plumber with a bypass system so that the house would NEVER be without water even when servicing or maintaining the filters. The bypass system was adapted with PVC to reduce the cost from copper.

An initial sample of the city water was taken and submitted to Pace Analytical Services, Inc. for an independent evaluation and testing for EPA secondary contaminants and pollutants. After the NANO PURE whole house system was installed, it was decided we test and evaluate the water on a year by year basis. Water samples were taken after years one and two and submitted to Pace Analytical Services, Inc. for testing and analysis.



After two years the NANO PURE water purification system continues to work effectively and has reduced the EPA secondary contaminants and pollutants across the board in ALL cases!! During the two years, Stage 1 sediment filter was changed every six months, the Stage 2 KDF – 85 carbon filter was changed each 12 months and the Stage 3 NANO PURE media NEVER has been changed. The testing will continue into year three and beyond.

Graphic interpretations:

The ”start levels” of the EPA secondary contaminants and pollutants were actually VERY GOOD with only the heavy metals copper and iron being higher than expected. Amazingly, the NANO PURE system has practically eliminated both of the metals not only in the water but also from any buildup in the 40-year-old pipes.

The resident states that within 90 days of installation of the NANO PURE system, the faucet screens and shower heads were clear of the white crusty buildup. They could just ”feel” the difference on their skin when showering and the ice cubes from the refrigerator were “clear” and not gray like before. After two years they are more than happy with the results.

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Our studies include both individual wells and municipal treated city waters. Some cases are currently in their 4th year and show extremely good and constant results over the entire period. The studies show the elimination of bacteria that was once present in the water (within a 30 day period) with NO reoccurrence upon using the UPW water system. The studies also show the reduction/elimination of many heavy metals and secondary EPA contaminates in the city/well’s water supply.

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