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First and foremost the “NANO PURE MEDIA” is the key to the success.


The NANO PURE is a filtration media based on nanotechnology. It is made of grains of highly porous carbon base material, plated with high purity elements, amongst these elements, including pure silver. One gram of the powder has the internal absorptive surface area equivalent to a soccer field.

What does the filtration media do?

It is 100% “Green”, has no chemicals and there are no health risks associated with the leeching of metals back into the treated water. It initially acts like a “super sponge” and then, through various catalytic reactions at the atomic level, it effectively filters and suppresses harmful substances and pollutants, e.g. heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, micro-pollutants, coloring, tastes and odors. Results over the last 11 years have shown that it destroys very strong bacteria, including cholera. There is no buildup of any kind in the filter. There is no electricity or a photo source (e.g. UV light) used. The reaction created by water flowing through the filtration media purifies water to a certifiable potable state. The powder has the effect of raising oxygen levels by over 20%, which is a deterrent to bacteria growth, since bacteria cannot grow in an oxygen rich environment.


The “NANO PURE” media is produced through a cold fusion process.  Carbon elements, formed from coconut shells, are vacuumed down creating an increased surface area of the carbon molecules. Next, vaporized silver is introduced into the cold fusion chamber. This vaporized silver coats all the surfaces of the carbon molecule, both internally and externally. The silver coated carbon molecule is now a new “SUPER MOLECULE”!

Activated carbon is commonly known to absorb pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides. Silver has been used as an antiseptic and bacteria eliminator for centuries. Combined together, this silver coated SUPER MOLECULE has become a “SUPER SPONGE” that not only filters the water but purifies it as well. During the ionization process of the carbon, a reaction occurs that lends toward excess oxygen molecules being available when water comes in contact with the Nano Pure Media. On average, there is a 20% “increase” of oxygen (a bacteria growth killer) as well as a temperature drop of 2 degrees to the water after passing through the Nano Pure Media. With this extra oxygen content in the water, NEW bacteria (bio-layer) can not grow.

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