Q.  Why don’t I need a water softener?

A.  To put it into layman terms, a water softener is used to reduce “hard water”. Hard water occurs when a mineral in the water (i.e. calcium or magnesium) attaches to another metal mineral to form a compound. Some compounds are permanent but many can be reduced by the salt in your water softener. The NANO PURE MEDIA is “ionized” during the cold fusion process and renders the usual calcium ion neutral so that it will not bind with other minerals to form the “hard water”.

Q. Will the NANO PURE system eliminate all pollutants and heavy metals?

A.  It has the POTENTIAL to remove all heavy metals, pollutants and bacteria provided your water comes in contact with an adequate amount of NANO PURE MEDIA. Over two years of testing has shown a 90% plus reduction in heavy metals, 95% reduction in pollutants and 99% reduction of bacteria in NANO PURE treated city water.

Q.  Can your system eliminate the smell and taste of chlorine in my water?

A.  A definite YES! The Nano Pure system uses an active carbon pre-filter just like many of the other water systems currently on the market. Our carbon filter is a KDF-85 COCONUT carbon filter which is considered one of the BEST. This pre-filter reduces much of the chlorine taste and smell BUT the Nano Pure media also eliminates what the carbon filter misses.

Q.  How often do I have to change the filters and media?

A.  The NANO PURE system has two pre-filters and the NANO PURE media filter. The first pre-filter is a 5 micron sediment filter that needs to be replaced every 3-6 months (depending on water contamination). The second pre-filter is the KDF85 carbon filter and it needs to be replaced once a year. The final NANO PURE media filter will last a minimum of three years and depending on the amount of water usage could last even longer.

Q.  I live in an area where we have a well because there is no city water available. Will your system clean up my water from the iron and smell?

A.  When dealing with a well, many factors come into play due to the depth of your well and what specific pollutants and heavy metals are present in the aquifer your well is drawing its water from. The first thing necessary is to test your water and find out what’s in it and how much over the “normal” or “acceptable” levels some of your pollutants may be. After that we could design a system and hopefully solve the problems. However, my experience with wells is that they change continuously. If someone down the line in your aquifer dumps a pollutant on Tuesday, your water may be overwhelmed with the pollutant by Friday! Also, in many cases the original water system may not be set up for this new specific pollutant, or cannot handle the quantity of the new pollutant currently in the well water. It is a difficult proposition to try to give a “one system works for ALL” wells. Each system is an individual system for that specific well. When the water changes, the system needs to change also and that usually means more cost to the customer!

Q.  I get this white, hard build up in my faucet screens. Will the NANO PURE system help?

A.  The white scale buildup you see is calcite which is caused by hard water. Specifically, the lime in your water. The NANO PURE system will break down this white scale buildup usually in 90 days or less and will prevent the further formation of it.

Q.  Will the system work for my business?

A.  Absolutely it will! There is no reason NOT to have good pure water at your business as well as at home. In fact, if you have delicate machinery that is water-cooled, by removing the pollutants from the water, your maintenance and long-term replacement cost of machinery may decrease.

Q.  What is the deal with 20% more oxygen in the water and why is that important?

A.  The reason we have chlorine in our city water is to kill the bulk of the bacteria that accumulates and grows in our water as it travels through the water pipes. Most water purification systems use a carbon filter because carbon removes chlorine taste and smell. It also removes the dead bacteria. This carbon filter clogs up over time and it needs to be replaced. In these water purification systems, once the water leaves the carbon filter it can and will attract more bacteria until it comes out of the faucet and into your glass. If you have excess oxygen (i.e. 20%) in the water, most harmful bacteria would not survive! Bacteria does not live in excess oxygen. The NANO PURE system is the only water system that has excess oxygen in the water after it passes through the media filter.

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