The typical city water filtering system consists of 3 stages:

  • Pre-filter of large debris
  • Water softener tank
  • Reverse osmosis (ROS) system

The city then adds “chlorine” to the water as it leaves the plant to kill existing bacteria in the water lines to your home or business.

The residual affects are chlorine odor and taste plus a build up of the dead bacteria which can plug up “existing” filters at your home or business.



Supplied city water first enters the UPW system and is “pre-filtered” through a 5 micron sediment filter,
basically removing large particles like sand and debri from pipes (i.e. Rust).

Next the water is filtered through a “KDF-85” activated charcoal coconut carbon filter. We all are aware
of the filtering properties of activated charcoal carbon. Ever have a fish tank?? The carbon filter removes

MOST of the chlorine, tannins, methylene blue, mercury and lead from the water.

The water is then off to the “Nano Pure” media for FINAL purification before YOU use it.

Once the water passes through the “Nano Pure” media, there is an approximate 20% increase in Oxygen
level in the purified water and a temperature DROP of approximately 2 degrees. With this added oxygen
content in the COLDER water, BACTERIA CAN NOT GROW!!

This picture shows a typical “NEW” 5 micron pre-filter and what it can look like after 6 months of
filtering City water which is coming to your home or business.

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